The scope of the EChem Offer may include:

1.     Implementation of AUTOFORMULATION  project – which is a way of wider distribution of chemical basic reagents and additives to the laydown of a production line to produce a panel. The main goal of the project is big cost reduction of panel foam core between  the process based on AUTOFORMULATION and the process based on chemical system. The main project points are:
→    simulation of the chemical core cost for a customer’s product before and after modification of the production process,
→    detailed presentation of the cost-effectiveness of the AUTOFORMULATION project implementation,
→    machinery park expansion solution proposal
→     support in implementation and stabilization of process modified
2.     Detailed product quality and production parameters opinion.
3.     Active participation in production problems [foam holes, blisters, shrinkage ext..]  analyzing, corrective and preventive actions propositions.
4.     Increasing, reducing of production line speed according to customer needs and installation possibilities.
5.     Design and organization of the factory research laboratory with the indication of appropriate equipment and accessories.
6.     Training of laboratory staff in range of testing methods.
7.     Training of laboratory and production staff in range of technological process support and safety of the reagents used.
8.     Modifying the production process to get special properties according to customer needs.
9.     Planning, organization of new reagents and additives trials and production process supervision.
10. New chemical recipes building in order to solve production problems.
11. Planning  of corrective and preventive actions in range of another chemicals usage, recipe correction, technological parameters improvements.

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